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Secondment Services
Recruitment services are available for various occupations including the following: office coordinators, technical assistants, computer professionals and teachers. Benefits of this service include:

The Institute has the reputation for recruiting well-qualified and experienced staff through a worldwide network of contacts.

Being able to offer continuous and uninterrupted service, giving cover for staff leave periods.

With staff under the sponsorship of Institute, details such as housing, visas, flights etc are our concern, ensuring all legalities are covered, even for part-time staff.

In the case of training staff, your requirements can be administered and supervised by us at our Centre, offering a direct link between yourselves and the teachers. This means you do not have to be involved in the day to day running of the programme.

Institute Activities Institute Highlights
  • Corporate Funded Programs
  • Government Funded Programs ( GFP/NFP)
  • OPAL Funded Programs
  • PDO Funded Programs
  • Tamkeen Programs
  • Professional Short Courses
  • DCRP Approved HSE Courses
  • E Learning
  • Based in Rusayl Industrial Estate, Road 4 C
  • Fully Equipped as per industrial Needs
  • Well Qualified & Experienced Staff
  • Member of OPAL
  • DCRP Approved Centre
  • CIEH Approved Centre
  • ASME Approved Center
  • E-Learning Centre

Exceptional Training Guranteed



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